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  PRICE R75-00 ISBN 9780439851855

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True story by Hephzibah Maritz ISBN 9780620575379 Prys:  R60-00 (excluding postage) In Halachah, which means: „The way one walks“, I describe the events of a period which started nine months after I had the first revelation

  PRICE R35-00 ISBN 9780310701521

  PRICE R35-00 ISBN 9780310702641

  PRICE R35-00 ISBN 9780310702627

Hephzibah Maritz ISBN 9780620642811 Price:  R60-00 (excluding postage) A NEW KINGDOM BREED IS ARISING BY MY GRACE! I believe God is saying:  „There is a new breed of kingdom people (kingdom leaders and everyday kingdom peo

  PRICE R40-00 ISBN 9781868527861

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  PRICE R25-00 ISBN 978076714915800

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  PRICE R25-00 ISBN 978076714915800

Revelations of God’s love for his bride Hephzibah Maritz (Afrikaanse Titel:  Geheime van die hemel ontsluit) ISBN 9780620497336 Price:  R60-00 (excluding postage) In Secrets of Heaven Unveiled, Hephzibah Maritz shares r

Revelations from the heart of God Hephzibah Maritz (Afrikaanse Titel:  Geheime van die Hel ontbloot) ISBN 9780620457408 Price:  R60-00 (excluding postage)   This book deals with intimate journeys into the heart of God

  PRICE R90-00 ISBN 9780310432630   MORE BIBLE'S NIV - Small Black Hard Cover - R80-00 ISBN 9780310621843 NIV - Small Red Hard Cover - R80-00 ISBN 9780310621850 NIV - Small Black Soft Cover - R60-00 ISBN 97

NO PICTURE AVAILABLE   Red Soft Cover - R60-00 ISBN 9780718031381 Perpil Soft Cover - R90-00 ISBN 9780718034399

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